Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements and CBD Oil

Summerwood pharmacy is your destination for the best pharmaceutical grade supplements and vitamins as well as CBD Oil products.

We carry a vast array of supplements as well as provide free 10 minute vitamin consultations as well as fee based nutritional consultations.

We have selected only the top manufacturers in the industry to provide products for our line of nutritional supplements. You can be confident in selecting our products for your well-being as our manufacturers uphold the highest standards in the community. Did you know that we carry our own line of supplements formulated and specially selected by our clinical pharmacists? Ask us about Summerwood Pharmacy supplements today!
We carry a wide selection of CBD Oil products. From CBD drops, CBD balms/salves, CBD gummies, CBD patches, CBD suppositories, CBD lotions, CBD tea, CBD Coffee, and more, we have you covered. We also carry CBD oil for your pets and can offer medical advice when it comes to drug interactions with CBD products and realistic expectations

All vitamins are not created equal and you really get what you pay for when you purchase poorly sourced vitamins. Poorly sourced and manufactured supplements may be attractive because they are commonly very inexpensive and ran on sale for buy 1 get one free. However, many of these products are never dissolved in the body and excreted whole, don’t contain the ingredients on the label, or sometimes very toxic! You may have been better off not taking them in the first place. Protect yourself and use only products recommended by your Summerwood Pharmacy Pharmacist. Did you know that we carry hard to find items like Kegler’s Pain Lotion, Migrelief ( a natural and effective treatment for migraines)? Also, we are one of the only pharmacies in Houston who still carry Ichthammol (black drawing salve) and many tried and true remedies.  Unlike chain pharmacies, we can special order hard to find  items for you and your entire family!



Quality Assurance

Certified independent laboratories test raw materials and finished products

Using the most advanced equipment and test methods including HPLC, ICP, GFAA and FT-IR we verify the potency and purity of ingredients.

Microbiology testing is performed to ensure supplement purity and safety

Ingredient Quality

Our ingredients are sourced from trusted industry leaders, and are tested for purity and potency by independent certified labs.

Standardizations of herbal extracts are provided to indicate primary active marker compounds.

Manufacturing Quality

  • Our manufacturers are NSF International and GMP registered
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing certified
  • ISO 17025 accreditation of in house laboratories performing Chemical, Physical, and Microbial testing
  • Health Canada, European Union GMP certified
  • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices
    (cGMPs) ensuring consistent quality.
  • Finished products that meet and often exceed USP specifications
  • Certificates of Analysis available


Need a referral to an integrative or holistic health care provider? Look no further! Summerwood pharmacy’s clinical pharmacists are able to make referrals to select and verified practitioners who will care for you like family.


Some of the supplement lines we carry are:

  • Summerwood Pharmacy Vitamins
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Thorne
  • Metagenics
  • And many more specialty lines

Unlike other pharmacies, at your Summerwood pharmacy, we are always willing to special order items for you. If you cannot find it on our shelf, simply ask, and we will order the item for you!

Don’t see what you need in the pharmacy, let us know and we will find it. Your wish is our command!


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