Free Area Home & Office Delivery

Have you or a family member had surgery and been asked to go straight home, but needed to pick up a prescription first? Imagine going to the pharmacy and being told its not ready, then having to make a second trip to the pharmacy all while in pain from the surgery. Have all your sick children been at home, and you needed to get them all out of the house just to pick up their prescriptions? Do you have mobility limitations or simply don’t have the transportation to pick up your prescription? Worry no more!

Summerwood Pharmacy offers free area home and office delivery.

Home & Office Delivery

With Summerwood Pharmacy’s free home and office delivery service to everyone within a 3-mile radius, be rest assured that you never have to leave home when you don’t want to or can’t. We will gladly deliver your prescriptions to your home or office in the area, along with any over the counter drugs and supplements free of charge. We also offer expedited delivery and mailing services at a very low fees. Call or stop by today to begin enjoying the benefits of using the only pharmacy in the area with free delivery!

If you are outside our delivery area, we are more than willing to assist you with other options.