Personalized Compounding

Compounded Medicine

What is Personalized Medication Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of preparing custom medications from raw ingredients, pursuant to a physician’s prescription. Before mass pharmaceutical production, pharmacists compounded medications “from scratch” to meet each patient’s specific needs. This art and science allowed the pharmacist and physician to increase or decrease doses, eliminate dyes or inactive ingredients which the patient may be allergic to, and many more. Today, most chain pharmacies do not compound because of either a lack of skill, knowledge, unwillingness to take the time, and because of the profitability of mass production. At Summerwood pharmacy, we believe that bigger is not always better. Our philosophy lies in the fact that everyone is different and unique, and we choose to take the time to accommodate all your needs.[/column]

Summerwood Pharmacy has a full service non sterile compounding lab with state of the art compounding equipment. Our team of trained compounding professionals adhere to strict standards for quality assurance. We can prepare a variety of personalized medications using the highest quality ingredients sourced from the most reputable manufacturers. Be assured that medications compounded at Summerwood Pharmacy are tested for purity and potency by an independent outside lab. At Summerwood Pharmacy, we believe that patients stands to benefit the most in a triad where the physician, patient and pharmacist work closely to offer the patient the best healthcare. We are the only full service compounding pharmacy in Summerwood. We are also one of the few compounding pharmacies in the Humble area . In addition, were proud to be  one of the most innovative compounding pharmacies in the Houston area  and can provide solutions to problems our patients may have taking commercial drugs.



Some of our compounding services include:

  • Compound medications in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as creams, gels, troches, suppositories, and lollipops, and many more
  • Combine several medications into one easy to use formulation
  • Compound medications without allergy causing ingredients such as dyes, gluten, soy, and lactose
  • Compound medications in forms which are easier to administer to animals
  • Provide weaker and stronger potencies of drugs other than what is produced by manufacturers
  • Flavor medications for children and pets to mask bitter or unpleasant tastes


Treatment areas include:

Veterinary, pediatric, oncology, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, dermatology, pain management, podiatry, dentistry, and many more.

Summerwood Pharmacy is a member of Professional Compounding Center of America, which gives us access to state of the art equipment, technology, innovative bases, and the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients to suit all of your individual compounding needs.

Feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff about the infinite options available in compounding or to transfer a compound you want Summerwood Pharmacy to fill for you. We are here to serve you. We are considered the best compounding pharmacy in North east Houston, but especially in the Humble, Atascocita and Kingwood area. Are you looking for a compounding pharmacy in Humble? Are you looking for a compounding pharmacy in Kingwood? Do you know someone who keeps saying: I am looking for a compounding pharmacy near me… Look no more! Call us today and ask us to deliver your compound to you free of charge.