Clinical Trials

Clinical Trails


At Summerwood Pharmacy, you can count on experience in compounding and clinical research. We provide clinical trial pharmacy services to medical and veterinary schools, clinics, universities, hospitals, and research institutions.


We can assist with:

  • Non sterile compounding new therapies for human or veterinary diseases
  • Modification of active drugs to fit study protocol
  • Placebo control
  • Study drug labeling
  • Blinding or open labeling and many more


We adhere to strict quality assurance programs to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Documentation is critical for:

  • Original study specifications
  • Master formula records
  • Compounding records
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPS)
  • Quality control sheets
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Randomization records


Available active and placebo dosage forms:

  • Oral
    • capsules
    • liquids
    • troches
  • Nasal
    • sprays
    • solutions
    • drops
    • ointments
    • irrigations
  • Topical/Transdermal
    • creams
    • ointments
    • gels
    • solutions
  • Rectal/Vaginal suppositories
    • gels
    • creams


We also serve as an approved collection, drug administration, and consultation site for various clinical trials around the country. Our convenient location and knowledgeable clinical staff truly embody the mission of advancing pharmaceutical care. Count on your Summerwood Pharmacy to assist with your clinical trial and investigation research needs.